Box of 9 (3 flavors) Rp 200.000,00 *)

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vanilla chocoholic freshy lemon

Very Vanilla

Vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream. Spot the vanilla seeds inside which make this cupcake Very Vanilla!


Valrhona chocolate cupcake, stuffed with melted chocolate and topped with yummmy choco ganache. Surely will make you a chocoholic

Freshy Lemon

Lemon cupcake made with fresh lemon zest, stuffed with sour and sweet lemon curd that will fresh your day. Topped with cream cheese frosting
grintea oreo bananuts

Grin Tea

Green Tea cupcake that will bring a big grin to your day. Greenies from matcha powder, stuffed with green tea custard and buttercream for the icing

O’ Cookies & Cream

Choco cookies crumb cupcake, topped with cookie crumb buttercream. And the best part is that you will get a whole sandwich cookie inside the cupcake!


Banana cupcake, stuffed with banana slices and topped with chunky peanut buttercream. A unique combination that we love
strawberry skipit kurma

Strawberry Story

Strawberry cupcake stuffed with homemade strawberry sauce and topped with cream cheese frosting

Skip it Not!

Peanut Butter cupcake , with chunky peanut butter filling, and choco ganache frosting. Skip it Not!

Save the Date

Date cupcake, specially made for your Ramadhan. You may have it anytime with minimum order of 1 box of 9 (1 flavor)
*) price excluding delivery charge