Valrhona Dark Chocolate Pudding

Bittersweet chocolate pudding with dark chocolate vla. Using Valrhona cocoa powder, this pudding is hard to resist.

Available in

20cm Round Pudding Mould with Vla Rp 175.000,-
Dark chocolate Vla Rp 25.000,- (for those who love extra vla)

Small Cup
Pearlycakes-Valrhona-Pudding-small-cup Pearlycakes-Valrhona-OreoPudding-in-small-cup
Valrhona Dark Chocolate
Rp 190.000,- for a box of 16 cups
Valrhona Chocolate Oreo
With chunk of oreo and
topped with whipped cream
Rp 170.000,- for a box of 16 cups

Pearlycakes-Valrhona-Pudding-square-cup   Pearlycakes-Valrhona-Pudding-square-cup-in-box

Square Cup Rp 190.000,- for a box of 9 cups