Frequently Ask Questions


1. How can I contact for assistance or questions?
Please email to pearlycakes@gmail.com or follow & mention us @pearly_cakes

2. Where is your store located?
We currently serve you online. You may order our cupcakes or other products online and we may deliver it to your door.

3. Do you do custom decorations on cupcakes?
You can choose edible image print, cupcake toppers (paper print) or toys on Decorations.

4. Can I have custom decorations on other Sweet Desserts & Savory Bites?
You can have edible image print for your pudding in cup, paper topper or flag for your Savory Bites at extra charge (please see detail on Decorations, or email to pearlycakes@gmail.com for further information)

5. I saw your portfolio and want a birthday cake or decorated cupcake set from Pearly cakes, but I do not find information how to order fondant decorated cake & cupcake on website.
We are temporarily limiting order for fondant decorated cakes & cupcakes. Please email your inquiry to pearlycakes@gmail.com, so we can advise whether your order can be done or not. Apologies for any inconvenience.


1. How can I place my order?
Please fill the order form and wait for our feedback. We will email you the invoice.

2. Should I place my order in advance? 
Please place your order at your earliest convenience. However, full payment is required 2 days before the order is needed or 4 working days if you need custom decorations.

3. Is there any way to have some cupcakes or other Sweet Desserts & Savory Bites today?
We bake to order and cannot serve you the same day order. If you need it for the next day, and willing to pick your order, please contact us to find out what Cupcake Flavors or other Desserts & Savory Bites are on schedule, we may be able to add your order. 

4. I placed my order but haven’t received my confirmation email.
If you don’t find it on your spam folder either, please email us to pearlycakes@gmail.com or mention us @pearly_cakes

5. How do I make payment for my order?
You will receive email confirmation after submitting your order form. We will enclose the bank account detail to arrange your payment. All order are only confirmed upon payment.

6. Could I place order and pay cash on delivery/pick up?
We kindly request payment for confirmation when you placing your order. Our delivery courier do not accept cash or payment on delivery. And our products are freshly made special for you, so every order to be confirmed with payment.



1. How could I received my order?
You could have your order be delivered by delivery courier at extra cost. Delivery charges are based on location and available for limited area surround Jadetabek only. Please inquire for additional information.

Or you may pick up your order at Bintaro sector 9 with appointment.

2. Can I choose specific delivery/ pick up time?
Delivery service are available from 11am to 5pm. You may mention us the time you would like your order to be delivered, however delivery service will also depend on the traffic. Please consider to have spare time before your event.



1. How to store my Sweet Desserts & Savory Bites ?

Our products are freshly made special for you, with NO preservatives added, so they are best enjoyed on the day received. However, if you plan to storing them overnight, please note.

Cupcake : Place the cupcakes in airtight container or simply plastic wrap the cupcakes box and put in refrigerator. Allow the cupcakes to sit out at room temperature for 2 hours before serving.

Pie : Keep the pie refrigerated.

           Banoffee Pie and Rich Chocolate Pie are best serve chilled.

           Allow Chocolate Nutella Pie to sit out at room temperature for 2 hours before serving.

Panna Cotta : Always keep Panna Cotta in the refrigerator, as it easily melt. It should be eaten quite cold, remove it from the refrigerator just before serving. Last for up to four days.

Pudding : Always keep it refrigerated and best serve chilled.

Cheesy Broccoli and Smoked Beef Choux  : Good on the day received.

Cheesy Potato Layer Bake : Best served warm. Put in refrigerator to store and allow to sit out at room temperature before rewarm.



1. I’m interested in using Pearly cakes gift vouchers, what it is and how do I find out more? 
Our Gift Vouchers are perfect for when you can’t decide what to choose for someone! Please email us to  pearlycakes@gmail.com, and we’ll get right back to you.

2. Can you send the gift voucher to the recipient for me?
Sure, no problem. Just specify the email address you’d like us to send it to and we’ll send it straight there.

3. Gift Voucher Terms & Conditions

Gift vouchers are not redeemable for cash.

Gift vouchers are valid for a period shown on vouchers. Vouchers must be redeemed within the validity period; will be void and will not be refunded or credited on expiry.

Gift voucher can be used to purchase any product from Pearly cakes in one transaction up to the value of the voucher, or above the value – in which case the recipient needs to make up the difference with bank transfer payment. Cash will not be given for any unused balance.

Gift vouchers can be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion, unless otherwise stated.

The voucher code must be mentioned while purchasing our products. We may ask you to email us the gift voucher if necessary.

Orders must be made in advance and date of delivery/pick up is subject to availability. Please place your order at your earliest convenience.

Orders can be picked up at Bintaro sector 9 with appointment or be delivered by delivery courier at extra cost. Delivery charges are based on location and available for limited area surround Jadetabek only. Please inquire for additional information.